BZ hollow plastic construction formwork

Compared with wooden formwork and steel formwork, BZ hollow plastic construction formwork is light in weight, strong in strength, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, smooth and bright in surface, and good in casting and molding effect; secondly, it does not absorb water, deform, or mildew, does not stratify or bubble when soaked in water, and the board size is stable and has a long service life. It is also acid- and alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to use and store, does not require anti-corrosion treatment, and does not pollute concrete. This is the quality advantage of BZ hollow plastic construction formwork.

Compared with traditional formwork, BZ hollow plastic construction formwork is easy to process and can be cut and spliced ​​at will according to the needs of the project. Second, it is easy to install, can be nailed, drilled, and can be connected and combined in the vertical and horizontal directions. No special support and reinforcement system is required. Third, it is easy to disassemble, no release agent is required, and the formwork can be demolded by tapping it. Disassembly is convenient, fast and safe. This is the construction advantage of BZ hollow plastic construction formwork.

BZ hollow plastic construction formwork, compared with other formworks. Its service life is 8 to 15 times that of other templates, the turnover number is more than 50 times, and the waste can be recycled. This is the economic advantage of hollow plastic construction templates.

Hollow plastic construction templates can successively realize “plastic instead of wood, plastic instead of bamboo”, reduce the felling of trees, protect the environment, realize green “smart” manufacturing, and realize the upgrading of green industries.

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