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With the rapid development of the construction industry in various countries around the world, the number of related high-rise constructions is increasing year by year, and the resources consumed by related construction formwork are also increasing year by year. Now, in the context of our country’s call for energy conservation and emission reduction,The hollow plastic formwork produced by the foundry has replaced the related traditional wooden formwork. This is actually following the relevant national environmental protection and energy-saving policies. From a long-term benefit point of view, it can promote the effective use of resources, save costs and energy, thereby achieving its own goals. development needs.

Compared with traditional formwork, Beizhu’s hollow plastic formwork does not emit any harmful gases, and 100% of the waste products can be reprocessed and used without residual pollutants. During the construction process, demoulding is easy and there is no need to use a release agent. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and has no harmful gases, which greatly protects the construction environment of workers.

The purpose of Beizhu’s hollow plastic formwork is to form and hold new concrete pours to a temporary structure with a strength to support its own weight, and to eliminate form boards.  Hollow plastic formwork is particularly suitable for pouring concrete structures or components with complex shapes and small quantities. In addition, due to the low thermal conductivity of the formwork, Beizhu’s hollow plastic formwork has a certain thermal insulation effect during summer concrete construction.

In the past, most construction formwork used wooden formwork, which has low recycling rate and high loss. In order to save wood, we began to “replace wood with plastic”. Until now, the use of timber formwork in the construction of reinforced concrete structures has been greatly reduced. Beizhu’s hollow plastic formwork is widely used by many construction teams due to its unique advantages.

In the huge market of construction and construction materials, the hollow construction plastic formwork produced by Beizhu has a huge demand market and longer-term development space. In various major construction industries, the hollow plastic formwork product can be converted and used at will, and has many uses. Strong plasticity. Moreover, Beizhu hollow plastic formwork uses polypropylene as raw material, and the hollow plastic formwork produced has many advantages. It will definitely become the preferred formwork brand for major construction companies.

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