Choose BZ for hollow plastic construction formwork

As a green product that saves energy and is environmentally friendly, hollow plastic construction formwork is another new generation product after wooden formwork, bamboo-wood glued formwork, aluminum alloy formwork, and steel formwork. It can completely replace traditional construction formwork, save energy, be environmentally friendly, and have superior performance.

New materials, new choices:1. Polypropylene resin is used as the basic material, which is pollution-free and harmless. 2. Plastic replaces wood, which is non-toxic and odorless, and does not produce harmful substances. 3. Good performance, small thermal expansion and contraction coefficient, cold and heat resistance, can be used normally under the temperature conditions of -20℃~60℃, does not affect the use effect, has strong durability, and stable size; hollow plastic constriction formwork has high strength, impact resistance, and is not easily damaged; strong plasticity allows designers to have a lot of free design space, and can produce templates of different shapes and specifications according to design requirements with different mold forms.

New products, new functions1. It involves a wide range of fields, and can be flexibly disassembled and assembled for various large and large projects, such as civil construction, water conservancy, hydropower, bridges, tunnels and other projects. 2. It has many cycles and can be reused many times. Its life span can reach more than 50 times and it can be recycled and reprocessed. 3. It has high utilization value and can be rented, sold and recycled. It can maximize the utilization of resources and achieve resource optimization.

New technology, new concept. 1. Fast construction. Hollow plastic formwork can be sawed, planed, drilled and nailed. It can be combined with accessories to form any geometric shape at will, which can meet the needs of various shapes of construction formwork, improve the construction process and reduce time cost. 2. Save manpower. Traditional formwork requires release agent and is not easy to clean. The surface of plastic formwork is smooth and can be automatically demoulded. No release agent is required, no cleaning and maintenance are required, and demoulding is easy and fast. 3. Save cost. The surface of Beizhu plastic formwork is flat and smooth. The surface of concrete structure after demoulding is flat and smooth, which can meet the requirements of plain concrete formwork. No secondary plastering is required. One-time molding saves labor, materials and costs.

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