Construction units share market prospects for pp plastic formwork

As we all know, the construction industry consumes considerable amounts of wood, which has a negative impact on the environment and is also detrimental to construction quality. Traditional formwork has extremely high requirements on the skills and experience of the constructors. Once it is not handled properly, problems such as mold explosion, mold expansion, slurry running, and slurry leakage will occur. In serious cases, the construction quality and construction efficiency cannot be guaranteed, and it will also cause problems. Increased construction and maintenance costs.

At present, traditional construction formwork has obvious shortcomings, and the market is in urgent need of a leading brand – BZ new hollow plastic construction formwork to set a new model and lead the development trend.

Construction engineering has developed strongly, and the construction formwork market has a large market and is widely used.Wherever there is construction, there are needs, proportions, and consumables. During the construction process, concrete pouring requires a large number of construction formwork. The formwork project generally accounts for 20%-30% of the cost of the concrete structure project, 30%-40% of the project workload, and about 50% of the construction period. Formwork technology directly affects the quality, cost and efficiency of project construction.

What’s so special about BZ hollow plastic formwork?

BZ hollow construction plastic formwork has adapted to the needs of development. On the basis of material conservation and environmental protection, it has ensured social and ecological balance and promoted the development of green industries.

The hollow plastic construction formwork uses imported polypropylene resin as the base material, adding chemical additives such as toughening, reinforcement, weather resistance, anti-aging, and flame retardancy. After chemical molecular structure reorganization, melting and extrusion molding, it has superior performance.

Construction plastic formwork is non-toxic and harmless, has good environmental protection, uses plastic instead of wood, is odorless, non-toxic and non-polluting, and does not produce any toxic or harmful substances during use.

The pp hollow plastic formwork has a high recycling rate, can be recycled more than 50 times, and can be used multiple times; it can be recycled, rented or sold, with low amortized costs and high turnover times. It has high economic and social effects and meets the needs of the development of the times.

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