Construction use and value analysis of new plastic construction formwork

Civil engineering and construction are the basis of industry, and reinforced concrete is one of the most basic materials. Even as materials science and engineering methods have developed in the 21st century, reinforced concrete remains the primary structural material in the civil and construction industries. construction formwork is one of the essential materials in the concrete forming process. Defects in the molding process may cause the formwork to collapse during the concrete pouring process.

The formwork installation of construction formwork is a time-consuming process, and the cost of the formwork (materials + labor) can sometimes be as high as 50% of the cost of the concrete structure. It is not uncommon for problems with construction formwork systems to result in loss of money, time, and sometimes serious injury or death during construction. The efficient design of these temporary structures plays a vital role in reducing costs and ensuring safety, and Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork is one of them.

In the past, construction formwork was mainly made of wood. Therefore, wooden formwork will naturally be damaged and discarded after four to six repetitions. However, residual cement and chemical treatments on the wood surface of waste formwork always make subsequent processing more difficult. Furthermore, in order to maintain the advancement of the industry, various civil and construction industries continue to develop without taking into account the rise in global temperatures. However, as wood is used as a raw material for construction formwork, the rate of forest growth lags far behind the rate of deforestation. Therefore, if there are any suitable materials to replace wooden formwork, this would be an important issue worthy of further research. In the development in recent years, new environmentally friendly materials such as pp plastic construction formwork and aluminum formwork have emerged.

With the globalization of China’s economy and the construction of multinational companies in China and the introduction of national plans, rapid construction and timely completion of projects have become the most important things. Today, new low-waste plastic construction formwork for environmentally friendly construction has been introduced into China. Plastic construction formwork, due to its high turnover rate and ease of use, reduces costs while ensuring the quality of project delivery. However, this kind of plastic construction formwork is still not used much in China, and most contractors are reluctant to use the latest technology because they think the price of pp plastic construction formwork is high, and they are very familiar with traditional plastic construction formwork, but they ignore the high The reduction in average costs brought about by turnover rate. According to surveys, the cost of using pp plastic construction formwork is 40% lower than that of wooden formwork.

It is imperative to replace wood with plastic, and every product will be replaced by new products with the development of the times.BZ hollow construction plastic formwork factory looking forward to your inquiry!

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