Details of installation and construction of hollow plastic formwork

During building construction, formwork technology is usually used, and this technology has been recognized by the construction industry. Formwork construction basically appears in all buildings. After countless constructions, it has been found that if formwork technology is used in building construction and the technology can be fully utilized, then the cost of construction will be reasonable control, and can also shorten the planned construction period. Hollow plastic formwork generally appears in construction sites. In the production process, concrete structure is the main one, and when designing the formwork, it must be determined according to the specific location and size during construction. Dimensions of hollow plastic formwork.

1. Preparations for installation of hollow plastic formwork

Before the formwork is installed, it is necessary to communicate with the construction team and explain the technology used in the construction. On this basis, the construction sample can be produced. The prototype can only be produced on a large scale after it has been inspected by the supervision department of the construction site and determined to be suitable for use in the project.

2.Installation measures for hollow plastic formwork 

The formwork used in construction must have strong stiffness and strength to meet the construction requirements. In order to make it safe during construction, the formwork must be stable during installation. So that it can fully bear the weight of the concrete in the building and the load generated during construction. If some components are reserved on the formwork, there must not be any omissions, and during installation, the installation position must be firm, and there must be no major deviation between the reserved position and the installation position. If there are some necessary and important embedded parts, they must be processed according to the design standards, and locators such as theodolite should be used to ensure their accurate positioning and securely fixed on the template. Every axis on the formwork must be kept flat, and the parts that need to be vertical must be kept vertical. After checking, make sure everything is correct before you can start the next step of the work.

3. Acceptance after the completion of the erection of the hollow plastic formwork frame

After the formwork load-bearing frame is erected, the project manager, technical personnel, safety management personnel, shelf erecting personnel and the director of the supervision company will conduct a joint acceptance inspection and complete the acceptance and signature procedures before concrete pouring can begin. No one is allowed to dismantle the frame members without the consent of the technician.

Through the introduction of this article, we understand the installation details of hollow plastic formwork, including preparation work, installation steps and acceptance procedures. As an environmentally friendly, lightweight and durable building formwork, hollow plastic formwork has high construction efficiency and quality assurance. During the construction process, correct installation methods and detail handling will directly affect the quality and safety of the construction project. Therefore, when using hollow plastic formwork for construction, construction personnel need to strictly follow the requirements to ensure construction quality and safety. I hope this article is helpful to everyone, thank you for reading!

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