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Development and application of new construction formwork

With the continuous development of the construction industry, the requirements for construction materials are also increasing. Traditional construction formwork materials are no longer able to meet the needs of modern construction. Therefore, the development and application of new pp plastic construction formwork materials have become an important issue in the current construction industry.

New construction formwork has many advantages. First, they are typically lightweight and require less labor to install and dismantle, speeding up construction and reducing formwork engineering expenses. Secondly, the surface of these materials is smooth and does not require the use of release agents, which facilitates surface cleaning and can make the surface quality of the concrete reach the effect of fair-faced concrete. In addition, the turnover times of new construction formwork are high. For example, plastic formwork can be turned over more than 50 times, and can be used together with steel (aluminum) frames up to hundreds of times. The cost of single use is low. Compared with bamboo and wood glued formwork, it can be turned over more than 50 times. Save around 50%. At the same time, new construction materials are also environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The discarded formwork can be recycled. After secondary processing, it can be made into finished formwork with the same quality as the original formwork, which is in line with the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Among traditional construction formwork, wooden formwork is the mainstream, but it requires a large amount of wood consumption, has a low scrap residual value, and requires a release agent during use. In recent years, although aluminum formwork is expensive and is mainly used on a rental basis, it still requires the use of release agents. The new formwork that combines hollow plastic formwork with an aluminum frame has a relatively low cost, does not require a release agent, and is easier to recycle.

With the development of economy and advancement of science and technology, the types of construction formwork are becoming increasingly abundant. At present, common construction formwork includes wood plywood formwork, steel formwork, bamboo plywood formwork and plastic formwork. Among them, film-coated wood plywood formwork has been widely used; steel formwork has certain advantages in large-scale projects, but the cost is higher; bamboo plywood formwork has also continued to develop, and new products such as film have been launched; plastic formwork is known for its environmental protection , economical characteristics, and is expected to be more widely used in the future.

The development and application of pp plastic formwork reflects my country’s progress in the construction field. In the future, we believe that more and better new construction materials will emerge and be more widely used. The company will continue to improve its core competitiveness, deeply learn industry knowledge, strictly abide by industry regulations, and take root in the development of the hollow plastic construction formwork industry. With the support of all sectors of society, we will continue to innovate, create an excellent service experience, and provide solid support for our customers’ success.

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