plastic shuttering for concrete

Different constructions but all choose Beizhu plastic formwork

The reason why the new hollow plastic formwork has been widely used and developed is mainly because it has many significant advantages over other construction formwork. Because the new hollow plastic formwork system is made of plastic alloy modified materials,    

Advantages of new hollow plastic formwork:

1.Wide range of applications

The new hollow plastic construction formwork is suitable for large-scale house construction, drainage ditches, comprehensive pipe corridors and other engineering projects. The sinking and other locations can be poured with concrete in one go.

2. Repeatedly used many times

The new hollow plastic formwork has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high strength and good toughness. A set of new hollow plastic formwork can be recycled and used more than 50 times with standardized and reasonable construction.

3. Convenient and efficient construction

The new hollow plastic formwork can be assembled completely manually without the assistance of any mechanical equipment (workers usually only need a special assembly hook and a small hammer, which is convenient and fast). Each skilled installation worker can install 40-60 meters per day. (Assemblers only need simple training before construction).

4. The concrete surface effect is good after removing the formwork

After the new hollow plastic formwork is removed, the surface quality of the concrete will be smooth and clean, basically meeting the requirements for facings and fair-faced concrete. No approval is needed, which can save labor costs and time for water, sand and materials.

5. No waste during on-site construction

The new hollow plastic formwork can be reused. After the formwork is removed during construction, there will be no garbage on site, and the construction environment will be safe, clean and tidy.

6. High recycling value

After the new hollow plastic formwork is scrapped, when the residual value of the scrap is high, the cost-sharing advantage is obvious.

7. Low carbon emission reduction

The new hollow plastic mold is a green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving material, which meets the requirements of “replacing wood with plastic and replacing steel with plastic” advocated by the state. Many developed countries have already stipulated that wooden formwork is no longer allowed to be used in construction projects, and environmentally friendly construction formwork must be used.

New hollow plastic formwork: The entire system has a high degree of standardization, light weight, high matching accuracy, high turnover times, high load-bearing capacity, wide application range, convenient construction, reduced construction personnel, reduced labor intensity, and improved construction quality. It has high recycling value and can be reused, making it possible to achieve zero emission of construction waste.

The wooden formwork is a formwork made of wood, the most common ones are poplar formwork and pine formwork. The size can be adjusted according to the conditions on the construction site, and the price is relatively cheap. There is no module limit when used, and it can be processed as required. However, the number of uses is relatively small, and there is a certain loss during the processing, which causes great damage to resources. The quality of the project is low, it swells when exposed to water, and is brittle and easy to break when exposed to strong sunlight.

From the above aspects, the advantages of the new hollow plastic formwork are obvious. Compared with the wooden formwork, its performance is obviously better. The fundamental reason is that since the beginning of its development and use, the plastic formwork has been green, environmentally friendly, recyclable, etc. Advantages are self-sustaining.

Nowadays, the new technology hollow plastic formwork produced by the company is gradually favored by the construction industry with its many advantages, and the products are gradually selling well in the market. In the future, the market for new hollow plastic formwork will undoubtedly be broader and boundless, and it will also be trusted and sought after by more and more construction practitioners.

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