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Extend the life of hollow plastic formwork to promote green and efficient development

Due to the development of construction structures and improvements in formwork engineering construction technology, the disadvantages of steel formwork have gradually become apparent, which has led to the gradual decrease in the market share of combined steel formwork. The steel formwork has defects such as small splicing surfaces and many joints, and the rigidity of the combined steel formwork is not strong enough. Therefore, in order to improve a series of problems in subsequent engineering practices, Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork began to be gradually used.

1. The one-time investment in purchasing is large and the cost recovery period is long. Therefore, when using combined steel formwork, it is necessary to strengthen maintenance, accelerate turnover, and increase the number of uses to improve economic benefits.

2. Because the surface of poured concrete is too smooth and has poor adhesion, which is not conducive to surface decoration, sometimes it needs to be roughened.

3. In view of this situation, pitted composite steel formwork is often used for pouring. The surface of the composite steel formwork is roughened. There are many small gaps on the surface. After the concrete is poured, water seeps out from these gaps. The concrete surface is rough after the formwork is removed.

The hollow construction plastic formwork project is an important link in the modern construction process, especially in concrete construction. The main purpose of construction is to ensure that the size and shape of construction components and structures meet standards and to ensure the accuracy of relative positions. In the construction of construction formwork, not only the strength and rigidity of the formwork are required, but also the convenience of construction, installation and disassembly.

Therefore, under this background,BZ hollow plastic formwork came into being. It avoids the shortcomings of traditional formwork such as wooden formwork, bamboo plywood formwork, and steel formwork. At the same time, it is made of new composite materials and has the unique ability of thermoplastic plastics to be reused and recycled multiple times. Compared with traditional formwork, BZ hollow plastic formwork has significant advantages in environmental protection, cost, efficiency and other aspects. It can be recycled more than 50 times, has a longer turnover time, and can be applied to assembly line turnover boards; it is heat-insulating and heat-resistant, can adapt to high temperatures in summer without deformation, and is easy to construct in winter. It is not easy to become brittle and reduces time and seasonal restrictions.

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