Features of Beizhu Plastic formwork Formwork

The biggest difference between the use of plastic formwork and wooden formwork of Beizhu Technology Co., Ltd. is that wooden formwork is easy to gradually delaminate after contacting water, until it cannot be used. Therefore, wooden formwork can only be used three to five times, while the main component of plastic formwork is polymer material, namely engineering plastic, which is hydrophobic and will not absorb water and deform even if soaked in water for a long time.

Beizhu Technology Co., Ltd. formwork is an ideal formwork formwork product of “plastic instead of wood”, “plastic instead of steel” and “plastic instead of bamboo”.

The use of plastic formwork is the main direction of future development of the formwork industry, which is in line with the concept of green construction in the construction industry. It will definitely be an important milestone in the development history of formwork formwork and a revolution in the construction industry.

In response to the needs of domestic customers, the company has specially developed suitable forming sheets for customers. From product requirements, finished product specifications, thickness, quantity, etc., they can be tailored for you, and provide comprehensive pre-sales consultation and after-sales service.

BZ hollow plastic formwork factory looking forward to your inquiry!

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