Five major advantages of the construction of new hollow plastic construction formwork

The world is actively responding to climate change and vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. If green construction formwork materials that can replace steel, bamboo and wood are invented in the construction formwork industry, it will undoubtedly bring huge environmental and social benefits to the world. In this context, plastic construction formwork came into being. Plastic construction formwork is entirely made of polymer fiber reinforced composite materials and is injection molded through a molding process in the molten state. The production process is simple, from raw materials to construction template production. The entire production process has no waste water, waste gas, waste residue emissions, and no noise pollution. At the same time, it can also be recycled in accordance with the national green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction policies.

This pp plastic construction formwork comes in different sizes and thicknesses and can also be cut, and can be easily applied to different parts of the construction’s walls, beams, columns, floors, etc., and the formwork and disassembly are very convenient; it can Used in various traditional construction formwork and widely used in industrial, commercial and civil construction markets. The plastic construction formwork invented in China has the following six characteristics:

1.the demoulding of plastic construction formwork is very simple. The surface of the formwork is smooth, easy to demould, easy to clean and maintain, no release agent is required, cement will not stick to the surface of the formwork after use, and there is no need to clean the formwork; under the same workload, the construction efficiency is 40% higher than that of steel formwork; Compared with bamboo formwork, there is no need to use steel nails to fix it during use, and the formwork (such as walls and columns) can also be dismantled as a whole and used layer by layer. Labor intensity is also greatly reduced.

2.under the same conditions, the assembly time of plastic construction formwork is shorter. Plastic construction formwork with the same construction area saves about 40% of the time than traditional formwork.

3.the disassembly time of plastic construction formwork is short. The thermal expansion coefficient of plastic construction formwork is very different from that of concrete. After pouring, the concrete solidifies as the temperature changes. The formwork automatically detaches from the poured concrete and can be easily removed with just a tap, saving time on work.

4.plastic construction formwork is easy to use. The density of plastic construction formwork is 1.2g/cm3, which is only 1/7 of steel and is very light. Workers can easily pick up the 915mm×1830mm template with both hands, making it very convenient to carry. The formwork will not deform during use, does not absorb water, and does not need to be fixed with steel nails, which can greatly improve construction efficiency and the damage rate is less than 2‰.

5. plastic construction formwork saves the connection of auxiliary material fixing devices and almost eliminates the use of nails and wires; the surface is flat and smooth, no release agent is needed; standard formwork, complete specifications, no need to reprocess; no need to clean the formwork, basically eliminate Cleaning and maintenance costs; light weight reduces transportation and lifting costs, saving more than 40%, and reduces equipment rental costs by more than 40%.

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