Hollow plastic construction formwork is – environmental protection star

The new hollow plastic construction formwork and supporting facilities have significantly improved the project quality of construction companies, while also achieving social and ecological benefits.

The new hollow plastic construction formwork has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, strong elasticity, small expansion coefficient, high impact strength, easy assembly, high turnover rate, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no mildew, cold resistance, water resistance, and high temperature resistance. , acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, non-cracking, large plate width, few seams, can be sawed, nailed, welded, no release agent required, easy to demould, etc. The product is recyclable, has high flame retardant properties, is self-extinguishing when removed from fire, is smoke-free, and does not contain any poisonous gas. This product can be turned over more than 50 times and can be mixed with wood plywood, bamboo plywood and other material boards.

The hollow plastic construction formwork adopts new material technology and utilizes recycled plastic resources, which solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste plastics and also makes a major contribution to the construction materials industry. It combines polymer synthesis and conversion technology to improve the structure and application of plastics. Upgrade and improve, realize technical improvements in the development direction of waste plastics, transform backward traditional development methods, and successfully apply technological achievements in the industry.

Compared with traditional construction formwork, hollow plastic construction formwork has become a new trend in social development. The market prospect is immeasurable and will occupy the market in the near future.

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