Hollow plastic construction formwork is green and environmentally friendly

Plastic formwork is an important tool for concrete structure construction. In cast-in-place concrete structure projects, formwork projects generally account for 20% to 30% of the cost of concrete structure projects, 30% to 40% of project labor costs, and about 50% of the construction period. PP hollow plastic construction formwork technology directly affects the quality, cost and benefits of project construction, so it is an important part of promoting the advancement of my country’s construction technology.

Hollow plastic construction formwork modifies conventional PP materials by applying polymer nanotechnology. The “nano polymer additive” additive can improve the hardness of the formwork while ensuring its toughness, improve the bending modulus of the formwork as a whole, improve the disadvantages of conventional plastic construction formwork, control the deformation rate of the formwork within 2mm, and control the diagonal within 0.5mm, which better meets the construction needs.

Hollow plastic construction formwork insists on technological innovation and patented “double machine co-extrusion” production process. The product avoids deformation caused by energy absorption and has incomparable advantages over traditional formwork. The product has high surface hardness, friction resistance, easy demoulding, wide construction temperature adaptation range, heat resistance and cold resistance, no warping and no cracking. It can withstand various construction loads, and the product has a certain degree of flexibility. It can be used in constructions with arcs, and has obvious effects on tunnels and bridges.

Compared with traditional formwork, construction formwork has the following characteristics:

1. Good water resistance. Even if it is completely immersed in water for many days, it will not be deformed due to moisture. It will not rot or rust.

2. It is not friendly and sticky with cement. It is easy to demould after construction and will not be deformed due to cement adhesion.

3. Good construction and quality. The surface of the construction constructed with it is smooth and flat, and no secondary modification is required.

4. It saves processes and improves construction efficiency. At the same time, the surface of the formwork can be pre-treated when processing the formwork to obtain the desired wall pattern.

5. Light weight and convenient construction.

6. Long life and many reuse times. The damaged plastic formwork can still be crushed again and reprocessed into a new formwork, saving resources and meeting the requirements of “green industry”.

7. Good thermal insulation, which is conducive to shortening the construction period.

8. Various treatments can be carried out by adding wood, and welding can also be carried out, so secondary processing can be flexibly carried out at the construction site.

The general patent technology transformation of hollow plastic construction formwork successfully makes both sides of the formwork into a flat surface, making the product more beautiful, easier to splice, and avoiding mud. The user is more convenient, safer, and more time-saving and labor-saving during construction;

The hollow plastic construction formwork is easy to construct, labor-saving, and time-saving. It is widely used in high-rise construction and bridge construction, and the normal use turnover can reach more than 50 times; the hollow plastic construction formwork can be recycled and reused repeatedly, whether it is a whole board or a waste board, all recycled or replaced with a new one, turning waste into treasure while reducing construction waste on the construction site, solving your worries. Compared with wooden formwork, the loss cost is lower, which can greatly reduce the cost of use and reduce industrial costs; hollow plastic construction formwork is green, smokeless, odorless, and does not emit any toxic and harmful gases.

Plastic construction formwork is an energy-saving green and environmentally friendly product. It is another new generation product after wooden formwork, combined steel formwork, bamboo and wood plywood, and all-steel large formwork. It has the advantages of flatness, lightness, easy installation, simple demoulding, maintenance, strong variability, cost reduction, energy saving and environmental protection.

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