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Hollow Plastic construction Formwork Use Guide

In order to help customers use hollow plastic construction formwork correctly, increase the turnover rate of formwork, reduce usage costs, and ensure construction quality, please follow the following installation instructions.

In the installation of formwork for vertical structures, beams and plane structures, it should be used in conjunction with wooden squares and steel frames to build internal and external corrugations, and it is appropriate to support the steel frame.

When installing hollow plastic formwork, measurement and positioning are required to ensure that the shape, size and relative position of the engineering structure and components are accurate. Measurement and control points for template installation and inspection should be set up at the installation site.

The splicing of hollow plastic formwork should comply with the following regulations: 1. The formwork joints should be tight and smooth without misalignment; 2. The flat formwork joints should be located on the wooden square or steel frame. If there are gaps in other circumstances, they should be sealed with tape. , construction personnel must strictly implement; 3. The direction of the through holes of the hollow plastic formwork should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and tape should be used to seal the through holes to prevent cement slurry from seeping into the holes from the joints at the end of the board. It is recommended to use double-sided tape. When construction formwork for planar structures (such as floor slabs and beam formwork), hollow plastic formwork should be used in conjunction with wooden squares or steel frames. The distance between inner corrugated wooden squares or steel frames should not be greater than 200mm. The spacing between wooden squares can be appropriately adjusted according to the thickness of the planar structure.

The reference standards are as follows:1.The connection between the PP hollow plastic formwork and the wooden square/steel frame, and the wooden square and the steel frame support should be firm, and there should be no relative displacement during the construction process. 2. The installation of the hollow plastic formwork should be coordinated with the installation of steel bars, and positioning blocks should be set to ensure the thickness of the protective layer of steel bars and the thickness of the wall after the concrete is formed; be careful not to damage the hollow plastic formwork during construction and welding of steel bars. The length direction of the wooden square/steel frame of the beam formwork should be consistent with the length direction of the beam.

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