Hollow plastic formwork brings new vitality to construction parties to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Construction formwork is indispensable in reinforced concrete construction. With the continuous development of construction engineering technology, there are more and more types of formwork. Hollow plastic formwork is the representative of the new formwork. This formwork has a smooth surface, light weight, can be recycled, has the advantages of cost saving, and has a good effect on the pouring quality of high-quality concrete.

BZ hollow plastic formwork uses polypropylene as the base material and is extruded at a high temperature of 200℃. It has a smooth and flat surface, high strength, can be recycled, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Judging from the engineering practice cases in recent years, the hollow plastic formwork has been widely used in engineering fields such as bridges and high-rise Constructions.

As a new type of formwork, compared with traditional formwork, the advantages of BZ hollow plastic formwork are as follows:

First, good durability and high turnover rate. Plastic formwork can be recycled more than 50 times, has a good service life and strong durability.

Second, the surface is smooth and flat, and no release agent is required when using it. The surface of BZ hollow plastic formwork is smooth and not rough, and it will not bond with concrete, and can form the effect of clear water concrete. At the same time, its thermal expansion coefficient is also quite different from that of concrete, which makes it easy to demold after the concrete solidifies.

Third, high strength and strong adaptability. BZ hollow plastic formwork is made of polymer materials, which is lightweight, tough and easy to use. In addition, it has the characteristics of fire resistance, good insulation and corrosion resistance, and can be used in Constructions with special requirements.

Fourth, it can be recycled. An important advantage of BZ hollow plastic formwork is that it can be recycled, which can reduce pollution to the environment, have good residual value, save costs, and create more economic benefits, which is not possible with traditional formwork.

It can be said that BZ Plastic Industry has taken the hollow plastic Construction formwork as an opportunity to not only show the innovative strength of Chinese Construction formwork companies to the outside world, but also promote the industry to develop in the direction of “green environmental protection and waste-free construction”, and also led a new wave of Construction formwork trends, bringing new vitality to construction parties to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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