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Hollow plastic formwork is widely used in bridge construction

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in the world because it has many distinctive properties that make it an ideal material for use in building construction. Plastic is a light and strong material that is not easy to corrode, non-toxic, durable, low-cost, and can be made into the shape required for any building, and hollow construction plastic formwork. is one of the best.

As bridge construction methods continue to evolve, technological developments will bring more possibilities. Bridges have changed, and building technically complex cast-in-place concrete bridges has become easier and less time-consuming. In ancient times, long suspension bridges were built by hand using wooden beams and rocks. Innovative formwork technology has replaced previous manual construction. New technologies have defined a way to build impressive bridges from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. Due to the various advantages of hollow plastic formwork, it has been widely used in bridge construction.

1. Reuse more than 50 times

2. Waterproof, will not be deformed due to rain erosion.

3. No release agent is required, installation and disassembly are convenient, and demoulding is simple.

4. No expansion, no shrinkage, high strength.

5. Withstand temperature: -20~120°C

6. The construction efficiency is high and the construction period can be shortened.

7. Glass glue can repair surface scratches.

8. Plastic plugs can repair holes with a diameter of 12-24mm.

9. It can be recycled and replaced anywhere to save costs.

The steel formwork that was widely used in bridge construction in the past has been gradually replaced by the hollow plastic formwork. The hollow plastic formwork is not only convenient to construct and has up to standard strength, but more importantly, it saves the builders a lot of costs. This is also more and more The reasons why construction units choose hollow plastic formwork.

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