Hollow plastic formwork wall structure installation sequence

The installation of hollow plastic formwork wall structures is an important link in building construction. Its construction quality and efficiency directly affect the structural safety and stability of the entire building. During the installation process, construction personnel need to strictly follow the prescribed steps to ensure the installation accuracy and stability of the formwork.

First, construction workers need to assemble the hollow plastic formwork on both sides. This step is the basis of the entire installation process and must ensure the flatness and verticality of the formwork. During the assembly process, the construction personnel need to use the center line of the base layer as the benchmark to determine the edge lines on both sides of the wall, and align the side formwork with the edge line. Then, adjust the elevation and verticality of the side formwork to ensure the stability and accuracy of the formwork.

Next, construction workers need to use supports, diagonal braces and other tools to fix the formwork. These support tools can effectively prevent the formwork from shifting or deforming during the construction process and ensure the stability of the wall. At the same time, the strength and stability of the wall can be further enhanced by using steel pipe plywood frames to support the formwork on both sides of the wall.

During the installation process of thehollow plastic formwork, the horizontal wall formwork must be installed first, and then the longitudinal wall formwork. This ensures the overall stability of the wall and avoids problems such as wall tilt or cracking.


For interior wall installation hollow plastic formwork, construction workers need to use wooden boards or iron plates as plug formworks and install them at the outer ends. This can ensure the stability and accuracy of the interior wall formwork and avoid problems such as grout leakage or misalignment.

    After completing the formwork installation and construction, bolt supports, fasteners, etc. need to be inspected. Check the stability and firmness of each component and ensure the tightness of its joints. This is an important step to ensure the stability of the entire wall structure, and construction quality must be strictly controlled.

In summary, the installation of hollow plastic formwork wall structures is a complex and important task that requires construction personnel to strictly abide by the prescribed steps and operating procedures. Only in this way can the stability and accuracy of the wall be ensured and a solid foundation be laid for the structural safety of the entire building.

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