How can construction formwork be used longer?

For PP construction plastic formwork, moderate maintenance and correct use can not only extend the service life, but also reduce a lot of costs and unnecessary troubles in the construction project. So, how can we extend the service life of construction formwork? These points must be paid attention to!

1. formwork must be shielded during transportation

When transporting construction formwork, you should pay attention to choosing a transportation tool with good shielding effect, or you can use plastic sheeting or thin felt to cover it to avoid sun and rain during transportation and prevent the construction formwork from being damaged by the natural environment in a short period of time. severe deformation within.

2. After unloading the truck, it should be placed neatly to prevent exposure to the sun and rain.

After the construction formwork is unloaded, it should be neatly stacked on the flat ground. It should be noted that the board surface and the ground should not be in direct contact. They should be separated by layers of wood to keep the template ventilated. At the same time, pay attention to shielding to prevent sun and rain. In addition, in order to prevent the aging of the surface coating of the template, exposure to sunlight must be avoided. If the storage environment is humid, the outer packaging and strapping of the template should be removed to avoid deformation. During the second transportation, it should be repacked and bundled to avoid losses and accidents caused by slipping.

3. Matters needing attention when cutting formwork, sawing edges, nailing, and drilling holes

When using construction formwork for the first time, use an alloy saw blade with more than 100 teeth and a sawing machine with a track when cutting the formwork;

If you need construction formwork of different shapes and sizes, use a portable electric saw to cut it; in addition, when nailing or drilling holes on the formwork, you must put wood underneath the formwork to prevent splits on the back of the formwork due to suspension;

The edges of all factory formwork are edge-sealed with edge-sealing paint to reduce moisture penetration. After on-site cutting and drilling, all cutting edges and edges of holes should be coated with appropriate waterproof paint. Prevent the template from deforming and cracking due to water absorption.

4. The life of the construction formwork is related to the quality of the formwork itself and the quality of the operators.

(1) 80% of the damage to construction plastic formwork occurs during the formwork removal process! The time for removing the formwork should be confirmed. Brutal removal is strictly prohibited. Try to catch the removed formwork with your hands to avoid landing on one corner! ​

(2)Try to purchase high-quality construction formwork. Poor formwork will be finished after soaking in water for a few times. Choosing formwork made of materials that are not easy to get into water will be more durable!

(3)Find a skilled captain to lead the class, and set a good loss rate. Those who lose within a reasonable range will be rewarded, and the captain will bear the excess loss! Let the team leader supervise the use of carpenters so that formwork can be used more rationally. ​

(4) A good carpenter can match the formwork in a reasonable and orderly manner. The large formwork are placed on the walls, the small formwork are used as beams and columns, and the leftover materials are used as stairs. This is the principle. ​

(5)It is also critical whether the material workers are conscientious and responsible. There is no waste at the construction site. Materials are recycled and piled in a timely manner, properly kept, and materials are distributed in an orderly manner. This also increases the number of reuses of the formwork.

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