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How does the construction party identify the quality of hollow plastic formwork?

With the rise of PP hollow plastic formwork, various plastic formwork manufacturers have sprung up on the market. The products they produce are also diverse and the quality is also uneven. So as a customer who is coming into contact with plastic formwork for the first time, how should you identify whether a plastic formwork is good or bad? Today, the editor will briefly introduce to you several more intuitive methods to measure the quality of a formwork.

1. Look at the intensity

In many videos promoted online, there are people crushing the formwork with a sledgehammer, a forklift pressing the formwork, and a trailer pressing the formwork. In fact, including the data given in the inspection report, it is difficult to convince people of the true strength and toughness of a PP hollow plastic formwork. Of course, when a formwork is placed in front of you, the strength can still be felt with the naked eye. Some boards with uneven quality can be clearly bent even when placed upright, so you can predict its strength. If you want to examine its strength in depth, you must use it to get more reliable data. How to judge its strength when it is used? It is very simple. Under the same construction conditions as the wooden formwork, the adjustment of the distance between the back flutes and the final concrete effect can indirectly prove the strength of the formwork. On the market, those PP plastic formworks that overemphasize that the distance between back flutes must be adjusted to 10 or even less than 10, can you imagine their strength?

2. Whether it is deformed due to high temperature

We all know that the construction environment at the construction site is quite complex and uncontrollable. Weather factors are an important factor affecting the construction environment at the construction site. The formwork project itself is also greatly affected by weather. A good product must be a universal product that can adapt to various environments, and a good Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork is certainly no exception. After understanding a variety of plastic products on the market and discussing with on-site workers, we found that many plastic formworks will arch and deform when not used in hot weather, which seriously affects the construction quality. However, plastic formwork deformed by high temperature cannot meet the requirements of construction. Therefore, whether it is deformed under high temperature (deformation that affects construction) is also one of the factors that determine the quality of a formwork.

3. Whether it is flame retardant

There is no small matter in the project, and safety is the first priority. Anyone who has been to a project construction site knows that no one is allowed to enter the construction site without a safety helmet. But to put it another way, if you don’t have a safety helmet, you won’t dare to enter the construction site even if you are asked to do so. Many times, when businessmen are buying and selling, many things are often ignored for the sake of profit, but the editor believes that the principled bottom line of safety must be the first priority. When placed on the formwork, whether the  plastic formwork is flame retardant is a big safety hazard. In fact, as long as you search online, you will find that construction site fires are by no means rare, and fires caused by plastic formwork are much more terrifying than ordinary fires. Ordinary fire-fighting methods cannot even put it out. Some PP hollow plastic formwork manufacturers currently on the market ignore such principled safety hazards for the sake of cheap prices (flame retardants are more expensive), and they will not go far. Therefore, whether the hollow plastic formwork is flame retardant is also one of the criteria for judging whether it is good or bad.

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