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How to distinguish the quality of PP hollow plastic formwork?

In the construction process, due to the change of the construction structure and the overall construction form, it has brought some difficulties to the construction of the main body of the project. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of hollow plastic formwork, a variety of hollow plastic formwork companies have sprung up in the market, they produce a variety of products, quality also has its own good or bad, this is daunting. So, as the first contact with the new hollow plastic formwork, how to determine the quality of a hollow plastic formwork?

1. look at the strength: in many propaganda content, will list a series of inspection report data, but these data can not make people believe the real compressive strength and toughness of hollow plastic formwork. We can try hitting the formwork with a hammer, etc., or pressing the formwork with a forklift or trailer. While in order to check its strength further, it must be used once to obtain more reliable data. When to use it? How to assess his strength? It is very easy to use the hollow plastic formwork for cast-in-place concrete test under the same construction structure conditions as the wood formwork, and finally achieve the actual forming effect, so as to directly prove the strength of the formwork, whether the wall has waves, whether smooth and smooth is the most direct proof of the strength of the hollow plastic formwork.

2.Is it easy to deform at different temperatures? As we all know, the natural environment of construction sites is very complex and uncontrollable. Weather factors are one of the important factors that interfere with the natural environment of the construction site. The formwork itself is also greatly disturbed by the weather. A good product is a universal product that can adapt to a variety of environmental conditions, and a good hollow plastic formwork is virtually the same. According to the understanding of all kinds of hollow plastic formwork in the market, after discussion with the construction site workers, it is known that many plastic formwork will be deformed under high temperature and unused conditions, which seriously affects the construction quality, and the plastic formwork deformed at high temperature is difficult to meet the requirements of construction.Therefore, whether it deforms under high temperatures (deformation can interfere with the structure of the construction) is also one of the factors in evaluating the quality of hollow plastic formwork.You can try to boil the hollow plastic formwork in boiling water or freeze it in the refrigerator to see if the formwork deforms to judge the quality of the formwork.

3.Good plastic formwork has the characteristics of a turnover of 50-100 times. There is no need to match molds for high-rise constructions multiple times. It is cheaper to use than traditional formwork and effectively reduces the project cost.The leasing plan can be customized based on the project situation, greatly reducing the total cost of the formwork.It can be produced to customized length according to customer needs, without on-site cutting, reducing material waste and saving labor costs.The thickness of the formwork is standard with no positive or negative difference, strong versatility, and the splicing combination effect is smooth.Waste templates and leftover materials are 100% cash recycled and can be reprocessed and reused, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and beneficial to the country and the people.It has strong impact resistance, good toughness, wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and will not delaminate, bubble or deform when soaked in water.It is light in weight, easy to process on site, can be nailed, sawed, drilled, and can be connected in any combination vertically and horizontally.There is no need to apply a release agent, it is easy to demould and it can fall off by tapping the template, saving time and effort and speeding up the progress of the project.After the formwork is removed, the concrete surface will be smooth and smooth, eliminating the need for secondary plastering.

Therefore, when choosing a product, it is best to visit the factory. Only with these nine characteristics can it be considered a good hollow plastic formwork.

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