How to extend the use time of hollow plastic formwork?

PP Hollow plastic formwork are widely used in various industries. Hollow formwork have become indispensable packaging materials in logistics and transportation industries. Hollow formwork have become new environmentally friendly materials in the construction and construction materials industry. At the same time, hollow formwork are also widely used in advertising, Automobile and other industries. In recent years, hollow formwork have occupied a wide range of markets. In order to better improve the utilization rate of hollow formwork, we should pay attention to extending the use time of hollow formwork. Here is how to extend the use time of hollow plastic formwork.

1. Precautions for transportation of hollow plastic formwork: It must be placed flat on a clean flat pallet that is larger than the board. If necessary, it should be properly tied to avoid vibration and sliding. Pay attention to protecting the edges of the formwork from damage.

2. Precautions for storage of hollow plastic formwork: The hollow formwork should be stored indoors without direct sunlight or rain. The stacking height should not exceed two meters, no heavy objects should be placed on the board, and no sharp or hard objects should be placed between the formwork. Keep the storage room clean, dry, and avoid dust intrusion. Other chemicals should not be stored indoors at the same time.

3. Precautions for cleaning the hollow plastic formwork: When cleaning, it must be rinsed with warm water below 60°C, and neutral detergent should be used at the same time. Detergents that are corrosive to the hollow board are not allowed. It is required to wipe gently with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. It is forbidden to clean with coarse cloth, brush, mop and other hard and sharp tools. Unsuitable cleaning agents are alkaline solutions, which will corrode the board surface. Esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and all substances that can dissolve or swell polycarbonate are prohibited.

In summary, although hollow formwork have the advantages of environmental protection, light weight, and high turnover times, if we do not pay attention to maintenance, storage, and transportation, the use efficiency of hollow plastic formwork will be greatly reduced.

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