How to improve the reuse rate of hollow plastic construction formwork

Anyone who has had some contact with the construction industry knows that the development of the modern construction industry is inseparable from the use of various types of construction formwork. While effectively ensuring the quality of the building, it greatly improves the construction speed, especially the hollow plastic construction formwork has better performance. It belongs to a new type of construction formwork, light in texture but very strong, and one thing is that it can be reused, but some developers reuse it very few times, and the formwork reuse rate is very low. In fact, this has increased the development cost invisibly. Today, the editor of Beizhu Technology Co., Ltd. will show you how to improve the reuse rate of hollow plastic construction formwork:

1. Use formwork coating

Applying a layer of protective coating on the surface of the construction formwork can effectively make the surface less susceptible to corrosion, thereby reducing the wear of the formwork and increasing the utilization rate.

2. Standardization of the construction process

The standardized construction process can effectively reduce unnecessary wear of the formwork. On the one hand, the support of the formwork must be firm, and the weight of the fulcrum must be minimized as much as possible, which can reduce the wear of the formwork. In addition, the construction formwork should not be directly exposed to bad weather, which will greatly reduce its service life.

3. Storage requirements

After the construction formwork is used, it should be bundled up and placed in a cool and dry place, and dust and dirt should be handled regularly. Reasonable storage can ensure that the construction formwork maintains good performance when it is used next time.

The above is the introduction of Beizhu Factory. on how to improve the utilization rate of formwork. The most important thing is to pay attention to protecting the formwork during the construction process, which is also an important reflection of whether a construction team is professional or not.

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