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How to prevent and solve the deformation of pp hollow construction formwork?

PP plastic construction formwork works are temporary support structures made according to design requirements so that concrete structures and components are shaped according to specified positions and geometric dimensions, maintain their correct position and withstand the self-weight formwork of the construction and the external loads acting on it. Hollow plastic formwork is a common type. The purpose of formwork engineering is to ensure the quality and construction safety of concrete projects, speed up construction progress, and reduce project costs. However, some construction formwork usually deforms after being used for a period of time. What is the reason for the deformation of construction formwork?

The construction formwork manufacturer conducts the following analysis for you:

1. Setting up small steel molds without setting them according to regulations leads to poor overall performance of the construction.

2. The foundation of the formwork is not firm, the pp hollow construction plastic formwork is not placed horizontally, and waterproofing measures are not done well.

3. When using wooden construction formwork or plywood, after the formwork is built, the concrete cannot be poured in time and long-term exposure to the sun and rain will cause deformation.

4. The support spacing is too large and the steel plate has poor rigidity.

5. The speed of pouring concrete or column concrete is too fast, the height of one pour is too high, and the vibration is too large.

In the daily use of hollow construction plastic formwork on construction sites, the deformation of the construction formwork has always been a problem that troubles builders. When purchasing construction formwork, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the product, you must also pay attention to protection during normal use.

1. When using pp plastic formwork and its support system, construction workers must fully consider their own self-weight rated load and the lateral pressure generated by the concrete during the pouring process to ensure that the construction formwork has sufficient load capacity during use and must not be overloaded.

2. Regarding the bottom support of the beam, first of all, the spacing should ensure that it does not deform under the weight of the concrete and the construction load. If the bottom of the bracket is an earth foundation, it must be compacted first, drainage ditches must be set up, and skids and steel should be laid to ensure that the bracket does not collapse.

3. When assembling small steel molds, joints should be placed according to regulations. The spacing and specifications of the cofferdam and tightening bolts should be set according to the design requirements.

4. When pouring concrete, it should be even, without unloading, and the pouring height should be strictly controlled, especially on both sides of the construction formwork for door and window openings. This should not only ensure that the concrete vibrates densely, but also prevent excessive deformation and deformation of the hollow construction plastic formwork.

5.When using wooden construction formwork and plywood construction formwork, concrete should be poured in time after receiving experience to prevent the wooden construction formwork from deforming after being exposed to rain for a long time. If you want more convenience, try using Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork.

The above are the reasons and preventive measures for the deformation of construction formwork summarized by the editor. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.BZ hollow construction plastic formwork factory looking forward to your inquiry!

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