How to solve the problem of damaged corners of PP construction plasticformwork?

With the development of the construction industry.construction project contractors believe that  PP construction plastic formwork can completely replace wooden formwork. The product has a high turnover rate, does not require the application of release agent, and the manufacturer also recycles it after use, which can save construction costs overall. Some people responsible for the specific construction of the project believe that this product also has some shortcomings. For example, the four corners of the hollow plastic formwork are easily damaged when removing and installing the formwork. So how to solve this problem?

Polypropylene hollow Plastic construction formwork is a new type of environmentally friendly construction material that is recyclable and recyclable after disposal. With the promotion of BZ formwork Technology plastic construction formwork factory and the increase in its customer base, this green construction material has gradually begun to be known by the construction industry. Acceptable, excellent properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, anti-corrosion, water resistance, small expansion coefficient, and chemical corrosion resistance make it more widely used. But in actual use, there are also some small problems that are unavoidable. One of the biggest advantages of our materials is that they can be recycled. However, edge wear problems will occur after several uses. Today we will analyze this issue.

In fact, the use of Polypropylene hollow Plastic construction formwork benefits both construction workers and engineering contractors. Construction of construction structures using this type of construction materials is simpler for construction workers and easier to handle than traditional formwork. On the other hand, builders like the flexibility of plastic construction forms because they are easy to construct, which means it will take less time to complete a construction project using plastic construction forms, plus they are lightweight and reduce material freight expenses. In order to avoid wear and tear on the edges of the PP hollow plastic formwork, beams and columns can be customized from the manufacturer in advance so that they can be used without cutting, or the PP hollow plastic formwork and wooden formwork can be combined at corners. When using PP hollow plastic formwork in wall construction, you can try to use combined formwork to assemble large formwork, which can be removed as a whole after use without damaging the edges of the formwork. At the same time, the formwork of the same type of construction walls should be as uniform as possible, thereby reducing frequent disassembly and increasing the number of uses.

 The eco-friendly and recyclable features of Polypropylene hollow Plastic construction formwork make it more widely used. This type of material itself has the ability to be used multiple times. When using it, the construction party should pay attention to the way it is used. Corresponding painting treatment on the surface of the material can also effectively reduce wear and tear, and can also effectively isolate debris, sediment, concrete, etc. during the construction process, and has a certain aesthetic effect.

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