How to standardize the construction process of hollow construction plastic formwork

Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly material. The use of hollow construction plastic formwork reduces construction costs, improves production efficiency, helps ensure project quality, and realizes the recycling of hollow construction plastic formwork materials. The hollow construction plastic formwork project must be carried out in strict accordance with the formwork project disclosure process. The control of the hollow construction plastic formwork process also affects the efficiency, safety and usage of the formwork.

(1) When installing wall formwork, attention should be paid to the construction sequence. Inspections should be made before setting up the formwork. When starting to set up the construction plastic formwork, first set up the side formwork and then tie the steel bars. After installing the pull bolts, support the other side mold. Then correct whether the installation position of the template is consistent with the drawing. If so, tighten the pull bolts to ensure that the support is fixed. After completion, conduct a comprehensive inspection.

(2) Before installing the wall formwork, the debris in the wall should be cleaned to ensure that there is no dirt in the wall. Then pop up the side lines of the wall and the formwork seating line. At the same time, the axis of the large corner of the exterior wall should be marked, and a mortar leveling layer should be prepared or a sponge strip should be pasted at the lower opening of the formwork to prevent mortar leakage.

(3) Before installing the wall formwork, place the limiting steel bars according to the thickness of the wall.

(4) The formwork installation starts from the inner corner of the shear wall to ensure the accuracy of the construction’s dimensions and verticality; after erecting one side of the formwork, you can insert the pull bolts, and then erect the other side of the formwork and adjust it in place. Align the holes for the wall bolts to secure.

(5) Before installing the hollow construction plastic formwork , the formwork diagram and its size and position should be checked to ensure they are consistent with the drawings. When setting up the formwork, the verticality of the formwork installation should be corrected to ensure tight joints. Special external angles must be used at the corners of the wall (external corners). After the internal corner molds are erected, the horizontal back ribs of the wall formwork should be extended. Go to the inner corner formwork, and thread the pull bolts to fix it with the corresponding inner corner formwork or wall formwork to ensure that the angle is square and the formwork does not run.

The control of the hollow construction plastic formwork process is related to the quality of the project. Therefore, the construction unit is reminded to strictly control the construction process.

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