How to use and precautions for hollow plastic building formwork?

How to use hollow plastic building formwork and precautions:

1. Like wooden formwork, transport it to the construction site and stack it on a flat surface.

2. No need to apply oil before use.

3. When casting in place, the keel spacing is 25-30cm

4. The end holes of the board must be sealed with a cover.

5. The length of the nail should not be too long, generally about 30-35mm.

6. The force of nailing should be moderate.

7. When removing the hollow plastic formwork, it must be done from a small piece at one end, while removing the support and the formwork to prevent large-scale falling, and do not let the corners fall vertically to the ground.

8. This formwork can be used simultaneously with various material boards such as current wood (bamboo) plywood.

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