How will the hollow plastic formwork industry develop healthily in the future?

Hollow plastic formwork is a sustainable and recyclable green building material product with a huge market prospect and a market share of hundreds of billions every year. Building formwork is a consumable product. Hollow plastic formwork is in line with the country’s strategic goal of sustainable and recyclable development. Shanxi BZ Hollow Plastic Formwork Factory gives the following insights and analysis.

How can hollow plastic formwork develop healthily and long-term:

First: How manufacturers do it

1. Manufacturers must first ensure quality and quantity

How to ensure quality and quantity: manufacturers have their own R&D technical groups, continuously improve product quality, have their own raw material production bases or reliable, stable and reputable raw material suppliers.

2. Connect the entire industrial chain

How to connect: products from R&D → raw materials → modification technology → production → sales → recycling are all connected. Only in this way can costs be reduced and quality guaranteed.

3. Sales adopt integrity management

How to sell with integrity: Don’t forget your original intention, and you will always be able to achieve it. Don’t cheat or deceive people! Make sure customers can buy with confidence and use with ease!

Second: How customers choose

1. Don’t be greedy for small profits

Don’t buy templates that are lower than the cost of the product. That’s impossible. Don’t be fantasizing or lucky. There’s no such thing as a free lunch!

2. Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation and integrity to cooperate with

Third: Current survival status of manufacturers

Due to the vigorous promotion of various manufacturers last year, the market recognition rate and usage rate have made great breakthroughs and developments! At the same time, a group of new manufacturers have also been born. The current business of these manufacturers born last year is very pessimistic. According to statistics from industry insiders, some factories have The company is dealing with equipment, losing all its money, and some are struggling to survive! But there are also many manufacturers that are doing very well!

Fourth: What are the future prospects?

There will be more and more markets in the future, and the market has slowly returned to rationality. It is definitely not feasible to rely on cheating and pitfalls. A good product will flourish without quality as a guarantee. It will only be a flash in the pan and fall short. If you want to go better and further, you must ensure quality and quantity and sell with integrity!

Fifth: Use effect

The hollow plastic formwork is very good in construction engineering construction. The concrete surface is very smooth and the repeated use rate is very high! Energy saving and environmental protection, saving labor and time!

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