Master the correct method and easily use hollow plastic construction formwork

1. Selection of roof and shear wall specifications

The top plate is laid with 15mm thick plastic construction formwork. For the erection of the shear wall, a 15mm thick formwork of appropriate specifications can be selected according to the thickness and height of the wall.

2. Setting the spacing between wooden squaresWhen the roof is supported

by plastic formwork, the spacing between the wooden squares should be determined according to the thickness of the floor concrete. Generally, when the floor thickness is less than 0.15m, the spacing between the wooden squares (center distance) is 200~250mm.When the shear wall is supported by plastic formwork, the spacing between the wooden squares should be adjusted according to the height and thickness of the wall. For example, when the wall height is 2800mm and the wall thickness is 300mm, when a 15mm thick plastic formwork is used, the vertical secondary rib spacing is 150mm. For shear walls and columns whose width exceeds 1 meter, fixed frames must be added.

3. Formwork splicing and installation skills

There should be no gaps when splicing shear walls and column formwork, and wooden squares must be provided at the inner corners (bottom of the wall) to facilitate the connection between beams, walls, and formwork. When erecting shear wall formwork, the formwork should be assembled into a whole piece and then hoisted, and then laid flat to reduce labor intensity and obtain good forming effects.

4. Fixing and nailing settings

When fixing nails, the distance from the edge of the formwork should be kept between 15~30mm, with moderate strength. The length of the nails is generally 40~50mm, and should not be too long or too short.

5. Beam base plate setting

A 1.5 cm gap must be left on the wooden side of the beam bottom board so that the wall board can be embedded in it, which will prevent grout leakage and save wall board material.

6. Tool recommendation

It is recommended to use a high-speed electric saw (speed above 4000 rpm) and choose alloy aluminum blade as the saw blade material to obtain better cutting effect.

By mastering the above usage methods, you can use hollow plastic  construction  formwork  more easily and efficiently to ensure construction quality and efficiency. Let us work together to promote the development of the construction industry and contribute our strength to the smooth progress of construction projects.

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