New environmentally friendly hollow plastic formwork will replace wooden formwork in various construction projects

Affected by cost factors and stricter environmental regulations, wood formwork industry has now entered a period of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the elimination of backward production capacity will continue to accelerate. The punishment of enterprises that focus on production without paying attention to environmental protection in the production process and whose product quality does not meet standards due to poor internal management is also increasing. The demand for building formwork has risen sharply. In the case of abnormal supply of board materials and severe shortage and out-of-stock of wood formwork, new environmentally friendly hollow plastic formwork will replace wood formwork and be applied to various projects to meet the needs of the construction industry.

Beizhu Hollow Plastic Formwork has the dual advantages of traditional formwork and plastic building formwork profiles, which is green and environmentally friendly and easy to construct. The advantages of plastic formwork can be seen by comparing hollow plastic formwork with other formworks. The use of hollow plastic formwork not only improves construction quality and construction progress, but also reduces the project cost, and has good economic benefits. Compared with other formworks, plastic formwork produces the smallest deformation in the same unit and under the same load.

Plastic formwork also has great advantages in terms of material cost. Although the unit price of pp hollow plastic formwork is higher than that of other materials, the utilization rate of hollow plastic formwork is high and it can be used in various constructions. Basically, there will be no waste. Therefore, in summary, its cost is lower than that of wooden formwork and bamboo formwork, material cost is reduced, and construction efficiency is improved.

In terms of construction, the advantages of hollow plastic formwork are also significant. Convenient, simple and efficient construction: The new plastic building formwork system has a simple mold and can be disassembled manually without the help of mechanical equipment (only a wrench or a small hammer is needed, and the labor intensity is low). The system design is simple, and workers can speed up and quickly flip the formwork. A skilled installer can install 50-75 square meters per day, which greatly saves labor costs.

It can be seen that plastic construction formwork has many advantages in construction projects. It has been widely used in construction projects and bridge projects, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. It can fundamentally surpass the traditional commonly used wooden formwork and aluminum formwork. The green and environmentally friendly hollow plastic formwork of Beizhu Technology will have great potential in construction.

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