pp hollow formwork

New PP plastic formwork are used as replacements for traditional pad partitions

Traditional backing boards are made of wooden formwork, steel plates, etc. After being used for a long time, the wooden boards are easy to peeling, moisture, delamination, etc., and are susceptible to insects. Steel plates are relatively heavy and relatively expensive. Therefore, With the development of the market, new Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork.

have entered people’s field of vision. They are light in weight, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, insect-proof, waterproof and flame-retardant. They also have good strength and toughness. The most important thing is that they are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Even scraps can be replaced. Then let us take a look at why this PP plastic board is so popular!

PP hollow construction plastic formwork are used as backing partitions in various scenarios such as production lines, warehouses, and farms. Why is it more popular?

First of all, it’s surface is very smooth and its texture is super good. Secondly, it is very tough, not easy to break, and can withstand various weights and pressures. Moreover, it is very strong yet lightweight, making it very easy to carry and store.

What’s even more amazing is that the PP plastic formwork is also rainproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistant. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors, there is no need to worry about being affected by the environment. It also has a wide temperature range and can remain deformed in an environment from -20 to 80 degrees. It’s fire protection level has reached V2 level and does not support combustion.

In addition, PP plastic formwork is also a green and environmentally friendly material that meets the standards of food-grade raw materials. It is not only resistant to falling and wear, but also can be recycled, reducing environmental pollution. At the same time, its service life is also very long, and it has good anti-aging, shockproof and pressure-resistant effects.

Finally, pp construction plastic formwork can also be recycled and reused, and even scrap board scraps can be recycled or reprocessed. Let’s choose the right pad together.

Society is developing, and the market is in the process of survival of the fittest. It will help us choose better products and better services. This new PP plastic formwork has been used in laminated board production lines, rock wool insulation board production lines, food factories, pharmaceutical factory warehouses, and breeding farm It has been used in many fields, and the feedback from manufacturers is very good and cost-effective. I believe that this kind of Polypropylene hollow construction plastic formwork will be welcomed by more manufacturers in the near future.

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