China OEM Building Plastic Concrete Construction Formwork

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Product Item: China OEM Building Plastic Concrete Construction Formwork
Product Description:
The reusable concrete column formwork is a system of modular formwork made of plastic used for the construction of two-way ribbed slabs in residential and commercial buildings.
The system was developed to reduce the weight of traditional solid concrete floors. The dome-shaped forms create a matrix of cavities surrounded by orthogonal ribs, creating a two-way configuration that is ideal for large-area ceilings.
* Modular houses can be built for shear walls, slabs, columns and beams of various sizes.
* Can be used up to 100 times under good maintenance.
* The unit price of pouring material is much lower than for standard formwork.
* Average weight of 15kg/m2 only
* You can save a lot of time and effort on installation.
* There’s another economy to be had without the use of foam release agents.
* The surface of the reusable concrete plastic formwork does not absorb moisture from the concrete, which makes the surface of the concrete smoother and saves a lot of thickness.
Leveling and plastering
* General laborers can do the work which saves the cost and labor of carpentry.
* Output is faster because less work is required to saw and nail, etc.

Number Item Name Description(MM) Weight(KG)
1 Panel TP180/60 1800*600*70 15
2 Panel TP120/60 1200*600*70 10.6
3 Panel TP25/60 250*600*70 2.42
4 Panel TP20/60 200*600*70 2.05
5 Panel TP10/60 100*600*70 1.38
6 Panel TP25/25 250*250*70 1.02
7 Panel TP25/20 250*200*70 0.87
8 Panel TP20/20 200*200*70 0.78
9 Inner corner TP60/20 600*200*200 3.4
10 Inner Corner TP25/20 250*200*200 1.7
11 Inner corner 20/20 200*200*200 1.43
12 Inner top corner 20/20 200*200*200 1.7
13 Outer corner 60/10 600*100*50 2.08
14 Outer corner 25/10 250*100*50 0.88


Plastic Column FormworkPlastic Column FormworkPlastic Column Formwork



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