The coexistence of economic and social benefits of hollow plastic formwork

PP Hollow plastic construction formwork can not only bring economic benefits to construction companies, but also bring social benefits.

Economic benefits: The raw material used in the hollow plastic construction formwork is polypropylene, so it is light in weight, large in width, can be sawed and nailed, does not need to apply a release agent, is easy to demould, can be processed into any shape, is easy to assemble, and can reduce Unnecessary amount of man-hours. Compared with traditional wooden formwork and bamboo formwork, it has high strength, high impact resistance, high turnover rate, and can be turned over more than 50 times, which reduces the life cycle cost of the formwork.

Hollow plastic construction formwork has a small expansion coefficient, few joints, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no mildew, no cracking, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which is beneficial to ensuring the quality of concrete projects and shortening the construction period. The formwork has a smooth surface and can meet the clean water requirements, which can save the cost of secondary plastering and its overall cost can be reduced by more than 30%.

Social benefits: As an important construction material in construction projects, construction formwork plays a decisive role in project construction progress and controlling project quality.

Hollow plastic construction formwork avoids the shortcomings of traditional construction formwork and uses polymer technology to modify conventional PP materials. The additives can not only increase the hardness of the construction formwork but also ensure its toughness, improving the overall quality of the pp plastic formwork and for protection. The environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, and green construction construction are of great significance and have significant social benefits.

In the future, Beizhu Formwork Factory will rely on a broader development platform to enhance its sustainable development capabilities and overall competitiveness, create benefits for employees, and seek win-win results for customers. Beizhu Formwork Factory will definitely achieve sustained and healthy economic development. , in the tide of construction formwork field, write a more brilliant future.

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