The contemporary value of hollow plastic construction formwork

With the rapid development of the economy, construction formwork are also slowly changing. The new plastic construction formwork is a new generation of construction formwork based on traditional construction formwork. The new construction formwork must first be contemporary, so that it meets the high requirements of modern construction formwork; secondly, it must be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and it must be in line with the characteristics of ecological balance development to benefit the progress and development of society.

With the rapid development of economic construction and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological levels, the development of the construction materials market has provided a good opportunity and a broad market. The research and development, production and sales of new construction materials have formed a professional team in my country.

What characteristics of the new construction formwork have contemporary value?

1. Contemporary

The emergence of each new construction material has contemporary value. When people first started living in adobe houses, they did not use construction formwork; the emergence of steel formwork and aluminum formwork marked multi-story constructions; the emergence of wooden formwork marked high-rise constructions; the emergence of plastic construction formwork marked green constructions. Due to the increasingly serious haze and the destruction of the ecological environment, green and environmentally friendly products were advocated, and new hollow plastic construction formwork were born, responding to the country’s advocacy policies and having contemporary value.

2. Environmental protection and greenness

Green construction materials refer to healthy, environmentally friendly and safe construction materials that are harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment. Compared with traditional construction materials, green construction materials have the following main characteristics: (1) The production raw materials use as little natural materials as possible, especially non-renewable materials. (2) Low-energy production process and pollution-free production technology. (3) Formaldehyde, halides, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. shall not be added or used in the production process of construction products, and pigments and additives containing mercury and its compounds, nickel, chromium and its compounds shall not be used.

The new plastic construction formwork is an “energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon economy” product. It is used in civil construction, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects, bridges and tunnel projects, etc., to achieve “plastic instead of wood, plastic instead of bamboo”. This product can be reused more than 50 times,….recyclable and reused, no deformation, no water absorption, easy demoulding, is the main direction of future development of the construction formwork industry,

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