The energy consumption of production and application of hollow plastic formwork is much lower than that of other materials.

As a product of the times, the new hollow plastic formwork has appeared in the construction materials industry. The promotion and application of hollow plastic construction formwork in the construction of small structures such as roads and railways can reduce the labor intensity of engineering personnel, improve the economic benefits of enterprises, and achieve the effect of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The energy consumption of the production and application of hollow plastic formwork is much lower than that of other materials. The promotion and application of hollow plastic formwork is an important measure to save resources and energy.

In the past, most projects used steel formwork, bamboo formwork, etc. The single steel formwork has a large mass, and the formwork is mostly installed by manual cooperation with cranes. It has the disadvantages of high processing fees and installation machinery costs. For example, if the operator is not skilled, it is easy to cause accidents such as template squeezing and collision. Bamboo plywood formwork has the disadvantage of low turnover times due to the high appearance requirements of concrete. Each surface of the bamboo plywood formwork is only allowed to be used once, so the bamboo plywood formwork has high technical requirements for operators, the labor intensity of operators is high, and it is easy to cause misalignment if it is not assembled well.

Most highways have complex terrain conditions, complex sidewalk lines, and large slopes. The shortcomings of steel formwork and bamboo plywood formwork are obvious. They cannot adapt to the safe and rapid construction of projects under complex terrain conditions, and do not meet the needs of reducing construction costs and improving benefits. Hollow plastic construction formwork is used for its advantages of accurate size, convenient application and good visual quality. As one of the ten new technologies in construction, hollow plastic construction formwork has been applied to some projects such as housing construction, subway, highway, and railway in recent years, and has achieved good results. Plastic construction formwork is suitable for many projects with its advantages of light weight, high strength and easy installation.

Characteristics of hollow plastic formwork: (1) The formwork is light in weight, and the hollow plastic formwork is much lower than the steel formwork, which reduces the construction risk. (2) It is easy to install, connect and disassemble, and the operators do not need professional training to start the operation. (3) The formwork is flat and smooth, the joints are tight, and the surface flatness and smoothness of the demoulding concrete structure are good. (4) Demolding is simple, the concrete does not stick to the board surface, no demoulding agent is required, and it is easy to demould and clean. (5) It is stable and weather-resistant, with high mechanical strength. It does not shrink, swell, crack, deform, and has stable dimensions under the temperature conditions of -20 ℃ to +80 ℃.

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