The use of pp hollow plastic formwork in construction engineering

The application of PP hollow plastic formwork sheet in construction engineering has improved the quality of the project and realized the standardized construction of construction due to its own advantages. It has outstanding economic benefits and is the best choice for green construction of formwork engineering so far.

Formwork is an important part of the construction of cast-in-place concrete structure. For the hollow plastic formwork with black inside and white outside, which is widely promoted and applied in the market, the selection and process level of the formwork are directly related to the implementation of resource conservation, project quality improvement, project cost reduction, project progress acceleration and labor saving in the construction industry.

1. Recycling rate

Hollow plastic formwork: Made of recyclable plastic, it will be recycled by the factory after being reused more than 50 times, so there is no waste of resources. For the engineering party using it, it not only spreads the cost, but also effectively protects the environment.

Wooden formwork: Made of forests, during the booming construction industry, the large-scale use of wooden formwork has caused alarming damage to forest resources, and after being used 8-10 times, it can only be scrapped.

2. Construction conditions

Hollow plastic formwork: The plastic formwork has a complete set of installation methods, and a standardized system installation training will be conducted for the construction workers, so that they can strictly follow the systematic construction, perform their duties, and proceed step by step, without wasting any manpower and material costs, and the plastic formwork is extremely light, and there is basically no safety hazard.

Wooden formwork: The workmanship is rough, the assembly process is messy, there is no systematic installation method, the construction workers are all assembled by feeling, if there is a slight mistake, all the work will be reworked, wasting manpower and material costs; and after the wooden formwork is assembled, there are residual nails and sawdust everywhere on the site, and the construction workers will have safety hazards if they are not careful.

3. Product attributes

Hollow plastic formwork: The plastic formwork has been certified by the national patent. It is a composite material made by high-temperature extrusion. It is highly impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant, not easy to deform, and can withstand nearly 80° exposure without affecting the construction progress. Rain will not have much impact on it, and workers can continue construction as usual.

Wooden formwork: Not wear-resistant and corrosive, it can only withstand exposure to a temperature of nearly 40°. After being washed by rain, the surface of the formwork will become extremely smooth, affecting the construction progress.

4. Economic effect

As a basic industry, the construction industry will continue to be a pillar industry of the national economy for some time to come. With the development of society, the architectural concept of “efficient and economical, green and environmentally friendly, and people-oriented” has gradually penetrated into project construction. The use of new hollow plastic construction formwork has basically achieved green construction. As a hollow plastic formwork manufacturer, we has always adhered to the code of conduct of “quality, reputation first” to provide customers with more innovative and environmentally friendly products, and strive to achieve “creating a quality green construction materials enterprise”!

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