What are the uses and characteristics of hollow plastic construction formwork?

1. Product use: widely used in construction projects, bridge projects, assembly line turnover plates, etc. Newly poured concrete is formed and cured to reach a certain strength to bear the temporary structure of its own weight, and it is easy to remove the construction formwork.

2.Product characteristics:


The hollow plastic construction formwork is tightly spliced and smooth. The surface and smoothness of the concrete structure after demoulding exceed the technical requirements of the existing clear water formwaork. No secondary plastering is required, saving labor and materials.

(2)Lightweight and easy to install

It is light in weight and has strong process adaptability. It can be sawed, planed, drilled, and nailed. It can be formed into any geometric shape at will to meet the needs of various shapes of construction formwork.

(3)Easy demoulding

The concrete does not stick to the board surface, no release agent is required, easy demoulding, and easy to clean.

(4)Stable and weather-resistant

It has high mechanical strength. It does not shrink, swell, crack, or deform under the temperature conditions of -20℃ to +60℃. It is dimensionally stable, alkali-resistant and anti-corrosive, flame-retardant and waterproof, and rat-proof and insect-proof.

(5)Conducive to maintenance

The hollow plastic construction formwork does not absorb water and does not require special maintenance or storage.

(6)Strong variability

The type, shape, and specifications can be customized according to the requirements of the construction project.

(7)Reduce costs.

The turnover times are high, the flat mold is not less than 30 times, the column and beam mold is not less than 40 times, and the use cost is low.

(8)Energy saving and environmental protection.

All scraps and waste formwaorks can be recycled and reused, with zero waste discharge.

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