What issues should you pay attention to when using plasticconstruction formwork?

There are many things that need to be paid attention to during the use and construction of hollow plastic construction formwork, because during construction on the construction site, many places cannot be reworked. Therefore, the strength of the formwork must be ensured and the safety of construction workers and other personnel must be ensured. Therefore, in There are many things that need to be paid attention to when construction a plastic formwork structure.

1. When lifting the plastic formwork to a high-rise working surface, it should be stacked in a scattered manner to avoid excessive concentration in one place and excessive load causing safety hazards;

2. Before the construction formwork is laid with the mold shell, workers should be arranged to clean the plastic formwork to ensure that the mold shell is in close contact with the surface of the formwork;

3. During the installation process, according to the preset dividing line, arrange for two people to lift and place the formwork at the same time;

4. After the formwork is installed, a dedicated person should be arranged to calibrate the formwork shell to ensure the flatness and cross-sectional size of the concrete surface.

The hollow plastic formwork is resistant to heat and cold, is anti-aging, has high smoothness, can be reused more than 50 times, has a wide temperature range, and can be constructed at – 20℃ + 60℃. The construction is convenient, the construction speed is fast, the support operation is simple, the technical level of the operators is low, it is conducive to the construction organization, and the plastic formwork mold is simple to disassemble. Under normal circumstances, the plastic formwork can be removed 3-5 days after pouring the concrete. The removal time depends on the strength of the concrete. After the plastic construction formwork is removed, the concrete appearance is beautiful and smooth, and has artistic appreciation value.

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