Why are housing construction companies willing to choose hollow plastic formwork in 2024?

With the continuous development of the construction industry, building materials are also constantly being updated. As a new type of building material, hollow plastic formwork has gradually become favored by the market in recent years. Especially in 2024, more and more housing construction projects choose to use hollow plastic formwork, mainly because the formwork has many advantages and can meet the needs of modern construction.

1. Advantages of hollow plastic formwork

(1)Lightweight and easy to carry:Hollow plastic formwork is light in weight, high in strength and easy to transport, which can reduce workers’ labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

(2)Strong durability:The hollow plastic construction is made of polymer materials, which has strong durability, can withstand various harsh environmental conditions, and has a long service life.

(3) Good thermal insulation performance:The hollow plastic formwork has a hollow structure inside, has good thermal insulation properties, and can meet the needs of modern buildings for energy conservation and environmental protection.

(4) Easy processing:Hollow plastic formwork can be cut, drilled and processed according to needs. It is easy to operate and can adapt to various complex building structures.

(5)Environmentally friendly and sustainable:The pp hollow plastic formwork can be recycled and reused, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection in modern society and is conducive to sustainable development.

2. Application of hollow plastic formwork in housing construction in 2024

With the continuous advancement of technology and the improvement of environmental awareness, the application of hollow plastic formwork in housing construction will become more and more widespread in 2024. This formwork can be used not only for the construction of civil buildings such as residences and office buildings, but also for the construction of industrial buildings such as industrial plants and warehouses. At the same time, hollow plastic formwork has also been widely used in complex buildings such as high-rise buildings and long-span structures.

3. Economic benefit analysis of hollow plastic formwork

Compared with traditional wood formwork, steel formwork and other materials, the cost of hollow plastic formwork is higher, but it has a long service life (can be turned over 50-100 times) and low maintenance costs. In the long run, its overall cost is not high.In addition, the use of hollow plastic formwork can improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, and thereby reduce project costs. Therefore, from the perspective of economic benefits, it is feasible to use hollow plastic formwork.

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